Update on the Superhero Show

Are you listening???

The Superhero Show is on WAMH/wamhradio.com on Saturday nights at 7-8pm EST.

After a two-week hiatus, we’re back this week!

Also, you may be wondering why there have been no recaps on the blog? Well, last year’s Superhero Show was part of Phase Two of my Independent Project. I’m currently working on Phase 3, which is taking up a ton of my time!

So instead of recapping each broadcast, I’ll only be putting up each show’s theme and playlist on the Show’s Facebook every week.

The Superhero Show on Facebook (A M Montgomery 2016)
The Superhero Show on Facebook (A M Montgomery 2016)

For the year 2016, here are some of the topics/themes we’ve covered so far:

  • Black History Month –Who’s the first Black superhero? Who are the top Black superheroes of all time? NEW MUSIC “Formation” by Beyonce in the broadcast
  • Deadpool – Not sure how we made one character a theme but we did it! Who is Deadpool? How’s the movie doing in the box office and why is it such a big deal? Plus, a special guest film reviewer stopped by to give us their thoughts on the film. NEW MUSIC “Absolutely” by Ra Ra Riot
  • Superhero TV Show-themed Superhero Show– Try saying that five times fast, I did! Are you unsure what superhero television show to start watching? This broadcast was for you! We broke down all the superhero television on-air now and put them into categories. We did all the work for you! NEW MUSIC “Every Time I’m Ready to Hug” by Ra Ra Riot

Then we had a two-week absence because it was Spring Break.

What’s coming up for the next two months?

NEW Movies

  • Batman vs. Superman
  • Captain America: Civil War

Background of Characters

  • Iron Man
  • Captain America
  • Wonder Woman


  • Daredevil

And so much more! (Note: Some of the topics are subject to expansion of coverage based on popularity)

Have you been missing the show? Are you sad about the lack of recaps?

Wanna know the full details of each broadcast?

Listen to the show!

“The Superhero Show”  is on WAMH at Amherst College on Saturday nights from 7-8pm EST/US. Listen at 89.3FM or wamhradio.com


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