Week 8: Who’s My Favorite Superhero?

[Week Eight broadcast of “The Superhero Show” from WAMH 89.3 FM Amherst; originally aired 12/05/2015]

Question of the week: Who is my favorite superhero?


For the past the few months, I’ve been asking listeners about their favorite superheroes, but it’s time for me to answer: Who’s my favorite superhero?

Agent Peggy Carter

She’s just as much of a superhero as Black Widow, Hawkeye, Batman, and even Green Arrow. She’s like the Ginger Rogers to these Fred Astairs; she can do everything they do but also backwards and in heels. In a different blog post as well as the broadcast, I delve into more of the reasons why Agent Carter is the best.

One reason is because of Hayley Atwell’s protrayal of her in the Marvel films and shows

(Photo Source)


Agent Carter in the comics, although just as skilled a fighter as our current Agent Carter, is not as prominent in changing the world as she is the cinematic universe.


Agent Carter Credit Suite– composed by Christopher Lennertz; Agent Carter Soundtrack, 2015 (Alt. link)


Million Years Ago– performed by Adele; 25, 2015 (NEW!)

That Man– performed by Caro Emerald; Agent Carter Soundtrack, 2015

Training the Supersoldiercomposed by Alan Silvestri; Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger film soundtrack, 2011

Current Lead of Favorite Superhero Poll


Favorite Superhero Poll Week 7 (A M Montgomery 2015)
Favorite Superhero Poll Week 8 (A M Montgomery 2015)

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