No Superheroes For a While

For those of you who tuned in to WAMH today, you may have noticed that “Superhero Show” was glaringly absent.

In light of the events at Missouri University, Yale University, and even WAMH’s headquarters at Amherst College, Paris, Beirut, Japan, etc, the “Superhero Show” is taking a break this week.

A lot of stuff happens everywhere (Source)
A lot of us could use a superhero right now (Source)

Also, we probably won’t be back on the air until Nov. 28th or Dec. 5th because of the Thanksgiving break coming up (note: that goes for all WAMH shows on the air). I’ll keep you posted on when the show is coming back.

Until next time, don’t forget the homework from Week Five:

  1. Being a damsel for a male character
  2. Keeping a/the male alive

Homework: Watch any superhero movie where a female is NOT the main lead, and tell me if there is a female star who does NOT fall into one of the categories above.

“The Superhero Show” broadcasts live from WAMH at Amherst College on Saturday nights from 8-9pm EDT/US. Listen at 89.3FM or


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