Week Two: Who is the First Superhero?

[Week Two broadcast of “The Superhero Show” from WAMH 89.3 FM Amherst; originally aired 10/03/2015]

[Note: Recordings of Broadcasts will stay up two weeks from the original broadcast date. In case player is broken, broadcasts can be found  at https://soundcloud.com/ammonty ]

Question of the week: Which superhero came first–Superman, Batman, or Captain America?

Well, Superman was the first of the three listed above, but he’s not the first superhero created. During this week’s broadcast, I gave a rundown of American comic book history–starting from “The Shadow” during the Great Depression to Stan Lee’s attack on the Comics Code Authority (CCA )during the Silver Age to now. I’ll post a timeline soon, but here’s what you missed from the broadcast:


*The Star Spangled Man with a Plan-composed by Alan Silvestri; Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger film soundtrack, 2011 (*Correction: During broadcast, I said the sequel)

Arrow (Main Theme) – composed by Blake Neely; CW’s Arrow television soundtrack, 2012

Drag Me Down– performed by One Direction, 2015

Current Lead of Favorite Superhero Poll


“The Superhero Show” broadcasts live from WAMH at Amherst College on Saturday nights from 8-9pm EDT/US. Listen at 89.3FM or wamhradio.com


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