Week One: What is a Superhero?

[Week One broadcast is the first broadcast of “The Superhero Show” from WAMH 89.3 FM Amherst; originally aired 09/24/2015]

After each broadcast, there’ll be a blog post. Undoubtedly, it will include the music/songs played during said broadcast, the question of the week, and the current tally of the “Favorite Superhero” poll. Perhaps I’ll try to include a transcript, but that’s technical so we’ll see.

Which brings me to my next point, there’s no recording/transcript for the first broadcast. There were technical difficulties during my first broadcast (and let’s be honest, these difficulties were most likely due to rookie human error), so sorry!

Question of the Week: What’s the definition of a superhero?

Answer we stumbled on (There may not always be an answer): A superhero is someone who makes a positive impact on the world either using supernatural powers or through making “ordinary” abilities extraordinary.


Avengers Theme– composed by Alan Silvestri; Marvel’s The Avengers film soundtrack, 2012

Budapest-performed by George Ezra, 2014

New Americana– performed by Halsey, 2015

Current Lead of Favorite Superhero Poll


“The Superhero Show” broadcasts live from WAMH at Amherst College on Saturday nights from 8-9pm EDT/US. Listen at 89.3FM or wamhradio.com


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